the work

Through material choices and subject selection Laky's sculptural, linear constructions of wood, wire, screws, nails and occasional unexpected items, engage subjects of particular and on-going concern to her.  Her activism was encouraged early during studies in art and design at UC Berkeley.  As an environmentalist, her work often employs materials harvested from nature and agricultural sources with some recycled elements incorporated.  She is attracted to humble materials and simple, direct methods of hand construction that she associates with basic, grass roots, human ingenuity about making things.  Laky has been a strong advocate for the establishment of an environmental sustainability curriculum in design and art at UCD.  Other themes of her sculptures and site-specific works touch upon various issues including gender-equity and her opposition to the war in Iraq.  These subjects are often presented through her language sculptures.  For the final several years as a faculty member of UC Davis, Laky dedicated much of her time to increasing the numbers of women academics and to diversifying the ranks of tenure track faculty throughout the University of California statewide .