"Laky's inquisitive bent has enabled her, and encouraged her, to reach across forms and genres, and it is the connections in her art-writ large
and writ small-that make it as engaging, exciting, provoking and beautiful as it is."

-Janet Koplos
Senior Editor, Art in America, New York
"Laky has an insatiable appetite to know the world. This fact comes forth clearly in talking to her, listening to her teach and in reading what she has to say. She is one of the most articulate and poetic artists I have ever had the pleasure to know."
-Kenneth R. Trapp
Introduction for oral history, The Bancroft Library, UC, Berkeley
Curator-in-Charge National Museum of American Art Renwick Gallery Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
"She is first and foremost a sculptor who happens to cross the borders between art, craft, design, engineering, architecture, and agriculture very comfortably."
-Juanita Dugdale,
"Gyöngy Laky - Matter and Message" Baseline, International Typographics Magazine
"She is a master at juxtaposing materials drawn from both natural and industrial processes and at making dissonance work for her."
-James Melchert
Professor Emeritus of Art, University of California, Berkeley, and former Director of Visual Arts Program, National Endowment of the Arts