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Writing on the Wall   2011   90” x 90” x 3”   Ash, paint, dowels.   Photo: Aline Dargie/Alan Robin.


recent publications

Gyöngy Laky: Reading Geometries, catalog for the solo exhibition at Braunstein/Quay Gallery, San Francisco CA 2011.
Abbink, Jeanette and Anderson, Emily CM, 3-Dimensional Typography, Mark Batty Publishers. 2010.
Janet Koplos & Bruce Metcalf, Makers: A History of American Studio Craft, North Carolina University Press, 2010.
Hamu és Gyémánt (Ash & Diamond) Magazine, fall 2009, “Gyöngy Laky, Exclusive Report with the World Famous Artist” Budapest, Hungary.


not too long ago

At La Rinascente, Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy
Eight artists from around the world created original works, commissioned by Independent Ideas, November/December, 2010.
Mine greeted visitors at La Rinascente's main entrance: "PEACE, If Not Now, When?"



The Smithsonian Institution is currently assembling a collection of Laky's personal papers, photographs and documents at the Archives of American Art. Transcription of interview coming soon.